School Life

We recognise that the school has a critical role to play in developing self-discipline in learners. We aim to establish acceptable patterns of behaviour and to encourage students to develop a sense of responsibility, self-respect and respect for other people, property and the environment.

Monday - Thursday

If students arrive late they must sign in with the administrative assistant and record the reason for late arrival.
Attendance and punctuality figures are reported on all progress reports. You will be informed of those days on which your child has Physical Education (P.E.) classes, and s/he should bring their P.E. kit on those days.  


We aim to ensure the safety and welfare of all learners in our care. With this in mind please note the campus will close at 5 pm each evening. All students are asked to make arrangements to be picked up by 5pm at the latest. In addition, we would like to remind all parents that all our after school clubs finish at 4 pm prompt. Please arrange for pick up no later than 5pm.

Students who are not attending after school clubs or revision sessions need to leave campus by 3.30pm. Students should not be on the campus (other than for a supervised activity) after 5.00pm.


The GFIS community is committed to providing a safe and supportive learning environment for all students. We are ambitious for all students, and strive for excellence in all areas of our provision. Excellent standards in attendance and punctuality play a key factor in achieving this vision.


School uniform is compulsory for all students attending the school. We believe that wearing school uniform in a proud and smart manner promotes positive self-esteem and, therefore, is integral to the ethos of the school.
All students are expected to arrive at school each day in clean clothes, which are to be worn in a tidy manner. We expect our students to take pride in their school uniform. Please note that students should not wear their own pullovers/jumpers/cardigans/hoodies. If they are cold they may wear a school pullover.

GFIS reserves the right to send pupils home to change if they are inappropriately dressed, or call parents requesting appropriate uniform is delivered to school.

Regular Dress – Business Attire

: A short sleeved or long sleeved shirt with tie; good quality tailored grey trousers with black leather shoes. Trainers are not allowed.
Girls: A smart top or shirt and good quality grey trousers or skirt worn just below the knee. Shoulder tops must be covered and black footwear must be worn.

Trainers, shorts, t-shirts, jeans, leggings, and combat or cargo trousers are not acceptable. 

School Lunch

A hot and nutritious lunch is served to all students in school. School lunches are paid for in advance along with tuition fees. If your child has dietary restrictions, please do make provision for their daily requirements.

Nut Free School
Please be advised that the school is a nut-free zone. Some children have severe allergies to peanuts in particular. No products containing any nuts whatsoever are allowed within the school premises. 

Arrival and Departure

The campus opens at 7.30am and pupils will not be able to enter prior to this time.
There is a ‘Late Arrival/Early Departure’ Log Book at the administrative office in which details must be entered of any child who arrives late or must leave early for any reason.

Procedures for Early Release from School
To ensure pupils’ safety, there is a strict policy and procedures in place for pupils who need to leave School early.
Learners will not be allowed to leave school early without written notification from parents. Emails should be directed to
Learners will be informed that signing out without permission will be unauthorised. Parents will be contacted, and if necessary, absence will be recorded as truancy. Please note that staff take a register every lesson.
If, for any reason, you have been delayed, please telephone the school so that we are aware and can inform your child to avoid any unnecessary anxiety. If you are unable to collect your child, please inform the school at your earliest convenience as to who will be collecting your child. For security reasons, teachers will not release a child to an unauthorised person. 


A homework schedule will be published to all learners during the school. Both learners and parents will access to this published document.

Homework at GFIS should:
- Allow for valuable assessment opportunities
- Inform future planning
- Add value to learning and promote progress in a subject
- Be manageable for students (in terms of workload), whilst also challenging them. 

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